Create a region: Los Posadas State Forest, Angwin, CA

Hello iNaturalist,
I’d like to run a 4H Botany project/bioblitz format on our summer camp location, and it’s not popping up as a region for my project. Where can I go to create a region for Los Posadas State Forest, near Angwin, CA? Right now, I’m having to use the whole of Napa County to find the (sparce) results inside of this open space. I created another project for the kids at home using “Cull Canyon Regional Park” and the web page was able to autopopulate this from just the word Cull. It was a super easy project to setup.

As long as you have at least 50 verifiable observations, you can make a place on iNaturalist: The easiest way would be if you have a kml of the actual boundary of the state forest, you can just upload it. If not, you can draw a polygon by hand in the places tool.

There is a “Las Posadas State Forest” bounding box. But it is undersized and misses most of the forest.

Excellent instructions! I just made the new project and it’s live, so great! Thanks!

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