Create Maps with summarized/ plotted species info - Exportable to PDF or GIS


Not sure if something like this already exists, but I was thinking that it would be helpful to have an option in each observation where you can export species information onto a map (satellite or relief) in a summarized form, and also an option to export groups of observations and be able to depict group info in a graph or legend

I’m noticing a trend of alien species invasion in the mountains close to where I work. I want to bring this to the attention of local conservation authorities. I have created observations for each of these alien species and added them to the Alien Early Detection and Rapid Response project. Now I’d like a function where I can export each of the fields for each of the species in the AEDRR project into a map of a certain scale (for argument sake: 1: 50 000), either in PDF format or simply to have the info compressed into pre-determined columns in a Comma Delimited file which can be exported into GIS software. The fields could be depicted in the map in a variety of ways, one example being in a Legend where min/max values can be applied in order to create a density map

I don’t know how the deeper mechanics and programming of such a function would work, but what does everyone think of this suggestion?

doesn’t the ability to export to CSV already exist? (if you pull something up into the Explore page, and click the Filters button, there’s a Download option in the bottom-right corner of that Filter menu.) how is what you’re describing different from that?

2 Likes should produce a CSV within your desired parameters that you can import as a layer onto a map. There are several online converters (Google Maps will just allow CSV import, for example or you can use very rudimentary Python to code the CSV to KML, JSON, etc.

Thanks pisum!

That’s amazing! Combined with this from jilliankern " Google Maps will just allow CSV import, for example "
I have just made a map of all the Tanekaha observed on my project site. Something I only dreamed I might ever be able to do:) Its not pretty yet, eg it has a whole lot of fields I don’t need, but I’ll work on that. and also see if the cvs file can be imported in openstreetmaps, which I also only just heard of, on this forum.

Thanks for the thread antonywalton!

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@kaipatiki_naturewatc – you’re welcome. as far as cloud mapping providers go, i tend to use ArcGIS online. i like the StoryMaps that you can create in that platform, among other things. but each platform has its pros and cons.

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Thanks again. When checking out another forum suggestion recently, the storymaps, I found arcgis seemed to be what i needed but to sign up I had to contact a local vendor, i think from memory. I need to pursue that when I have time

Hi all

Thanks very much for all the help, I did eventually find the “export” function at the bottom of the page and have gone on to make fairly detailed QGIS maps with the data fields I extracted