Cursor up/down moves two steps in annotations

*Platform: Website

Browser Firefox 126.0.1 / Win 10

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: ID module in popup mode (reached via left click on an image from ID page)

Screenshots of what you are seeing
ID popup after shift-right, shift-right (i.e. go to “Annotations”), tab, tab, tab, tab, tab (i.e. goto “Life Stage”), return (i.e. open the options menu)

“Adult” is selected (as expected)

after pressing the down key once, “Larva” is selected, “Egg” is skipped.

The same phenomenon appears in “Evidence of Presence”, only “Contruction”, “Gall”, “Molt”, “Scat” are reachable from the keyboard. Selection using the mouse works.

I can replicate, but there are keyboard shortcuts for annotations, so the page is designed for use with those, not with tabbing and using the arrows.


Thanks. I totally missed the fact that the shortcuts change if I move to another tab. I pressed the question mark on the first tab and thought that’s it.

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