Fixed annotation order in the Identify Dialog

It would be a great help if there was a permanently fixed order to the list of annotations in the Identify Dialog. The order has changed several times during the last few weeks. It really is extremely frustrating to get used to one order, only to find it changes again a few days/weeks later.

I know that there are keyboard shortcuts that bypass this issue to some extent. But I very much prefer using the mouse as much as possible when identifying, so I don’t consider that to be an acceptable workaround. The UI should work equally well for both keyboard and mouse users.

There is an existing bug report here on a closely-related topic:

However, that is specific to the Observation Page, where it’s apparently by design that the populated annotations are always shown at the top. This doesn’t seem to apply to the Identify Dialog though, where the order can change whether there are populated items or not. From an accessibility/usability point of view, I would argue that it should never change at all. When working through lots of identifications efficiently, it’s important to have everything remain in its expected place. The annotations are slow enough to use as they are without throwing in the extra frustration of randomly moving UI elements.

I believe ID page problem is the same as in Observation page.

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Yes! Please! Do this!


I don’t notice this changing from one day to the next (which might be happening), but rather one observation to the next. So I don’t think someone somewhere is arbitrarily switching them, but I couldn’t say why it happens (probably some code thing I don’t understand). But yes, still annoying.


OK, they should be displaying in alphabetical order now on both Identify and observation detail pages, so I’m going to close this request. If you come across any issues please file a bug report.