Custom place location will not populate with observations

I am working on a project where I am comparing two cities for biodiversity. In doing this, I have created two custom places in google maps and downloaded them as KML’s. I then created two places in iNaturalist and used these KML files for the boundaries. When I look up these places then, it says there are no observations in these locations. When i try to create a project with these places as constraints on observations, still no observations. I was wondering what I might be missing?

Google Drive Folder with KML files:

Places on iNaturalist:

-Ann Arbor:

It takes time to populate places, check links now, they show observations, probably will show even more over time.

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Place editing is one of the biggest iNat slowdowns, so expect it to take awhile. Also, we now have 2 places for Ann Arbor. If they can be merged that would be ideal.

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