Date and time zone issue

Can you answer my time zone issue please?

Platform : Website
Browser: Chrome
Description of problem

Step 1: Upload photos and provide details of observation and the system automatically creates a date & time stamp for HST timezone, which is not where I am.

Step 2: So I delete the time and time zone information, leaving today’s date but…

Step 3: because I am in NZ system will not let me save as it claims I am in the future
‘date observed cannot be in the future’ ‘observation failed’

Step 4: so I provide it with yesterdays (to me) date and system is happy and saves my observation.

I guess one day different is neither here nor there. But is there a way I can set a default to my correct time zone, which is NZST

Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask such questions but I have read your help and your FAQs and this seems like the most appropriate place - it is a bug, for me at any rate even if it’s not a ‘system’ bug.


Are you able to edit the date/time and change the HST to NZST?

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Welcome to the forum @rosicrane!

Yes you can, right in your profile settings.

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Excellent, thanks very much … all sorted :smiley:


apparently in my profile settings – sweet as


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