Traveling to the Future, According to iNat

I’ve been having this issue with iNat NZ. Whenever I try to post an observation of a something the same day I found it, iNat will say that I can’t set the date for the future. To help clarify, if I’m go out right now and take a picture of a flower then post it, it’s October 9th for me and so that’s the date which is set yet iNat believes that it’s the 8th of October. I can somewhat rationalize it because I was on the global node previously. It’s more frustrating when there’re two options “Ignore and Continue” or something which allows me to go change the date. Since I don’t want an incorrect date, I click on “Ignore and Continue” yet my observation isn’t posted. Is there a way around this?

What’s your timezone set as in your account settings?

I updated it to the right one. I thought that would’ve happened when I decided to subscribe to iNat NZ. Thanks :grin:

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