Default view: "Latest" rather than "Categories"

As Chris mentioned on the Google Group, I also found the default view of categories confusing, since they line up with specific topics to the right that may or may not be in those categories.

Unless the format of that can be changed (categories on top of latest), I would recommend the “Latest” view be set as the default. (I changed it to that in my personal account settings.) With a pinned post about appropriate use of the forum, like at the Google Groups.

I agree! I also did not know this was an option and just changed it in my settings too.

I also turned off the auto-unpin of pinned posts. Maybe that shouldn’t default either?

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Here are the layout options for the desktop view. Anything sound enticing?

My preference would be to have some sort of layout that shows categories be the default, especiallky for new users and one can always change this in preferences.

Maybe Boxes with Featured Topics?

OK, I’ll give it a shot.

I’ll just cycle through these quickly:

Boxes w/ Featured Topics:

Categories only:

Categories with featured topics:

Categoies and top topics:

Boxes with Subcategories

Thanks for that–my preference of those is “Categories with featured topics”.


Agree, at least from the screenprint Categories with featured topics looks the best to my eyes.

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Alright, I switched to Categories w/ featured topics", we’ll see how people feel about it.

What is the definition of “featured” here?

Good question, I’ll do some digging.

Behold: “The last (n) topics with latest replies.” So the three topics in that category with the latest replies.


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