Delay adding record to Andoid app

Normally I use my phone app to add photos and the Windows program for ID purposes, research, etc. Recently I noticed that adding records from the Windows programs does not result in rapid update via the Android App. I can restart the phone or app, including an app Force Stop and restart, the app does not update. For example, using Windows, I recently added a record from one of my old photos. The Windows program updated but the previously mentioned attempts to update the app resulted in nothing. When I added a new record via the app the example record also appended.

iNaturlist doesn’t have a program for Windows. Do you mean that you’re using your computer’s browser to access iNaturalist’s website?

Are you certain you’re logged in to the same account on both your computer and on Android? Some people accidentally make a second account.

Can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Android app? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:

You are right, of course. I’ve been using a browser shortcut to open it and didn’t think deeply enough when writing the question. I only have one account: Stephen814, log on with Google.

Eventually everything synchronizes. Why I am currently seeing in Android the Android app is fairly well 240 observations and 176 species in both but number for identifications made are inconsistent between records.
App screen shot attached

Cleared all app data; logged in again; all records refreshed. Found old photo and added it via PC browser. About one hour later the record did not show at the top of the app screen. A search located the record. After the search term was cleared the record showed first on app screen.

Account ‘knows’ the record is there but is not showing it as most recent but after a search it is shown as most recent?

Numbers of IDs are still inconsistent. Issue seems to be personal identification is not counted in web but is counted in app.

Are you refreshing your observation feed in the app by pulling down and releasing on the list?

Wasn’t aware that was an option but OK now. I looked for ‘Refresh’ in the menu and assumed that happened automatically or on timer when it wasn’t there.

So you’re saying pulling down on the list updates the app correctly?

It does run update but I will need to test with another record.

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Drag down resulted in immediate update. Thank you for your patient assistance.