Delete a photo in Android app duplicated photo

Platform (Android):

iNaturalist Android Logs (version 1.20.30 - 461; Android API = 29)

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: Duplicate an observation with the correct geolocation on the web on the web.

Step 2: Add photos of a new species and change the taxonname to this species on the web.
The new observation contains the oriignal photo of the old taxon and photos of the new taxon.

Step 3: Save the new observation on the web, inclusief old taxon photo.

Setp4: Update the sightings in the android app and try to delete the photo of the original sighting in the duplicated observation, not in the original one!!!. It does not get deleted but even duplicates.
It duplicates in the android app, not on the website. Good point Boutela!

Hi @optilete, thanks for your report. Could you include the URLs of the observations and screenshots? Where does the unexpected duplicated photo appear?

I tried to replicate it in 1.20.30 and the original photo was deleted as expected, nothing duplicated. Here was my attempt:

(edit: restored my observation back to normal)

I can’t replicate this either.

The original photo duplicates in the app, not on the website. So probably it is not duplicated at all, it just won’t get deleted in the android app or stays alive in cache.

on the app I went to the original observation and tapped on the photo, then clicked the delete button. (In a different test, I instead clicked the edit observation/pencil button first, then clicked on the photo, then the delete button - both had the same outcome)

I am not sure which way I used to delete the photo for the first time. The photo duplicated only once. At this moment the original photos cannot deleted in the android app .

Create an observation in the Android app with photos, save it, choose a photo and delete it works fine in the app…

Can you provide a screenshot like the ones above? You can see in mine that there is no unintentional duplicated photo (only the one I intentionally duplicated from the website).

What do you mean by this?

Zee screenshot

Participants in discussions on the forum aren’t informed when others edit their previous comments. I see you added a screenshot to your original post. I’m not seeing a mention or screenshot to help explain how you’re unable to delete any photos from the app.

Why should you delete the original photo in the original observation?
I copied the original observation inclusief original taxon photo and saved it. I wanted to delete the old taxon photo in the copied observation cause it is from the wrong taxon: the old one and not the new one.
Why should I want to delete it from the original one? It belongs there.

This is why the bug report template asks for step-by-step instructions with screenshots and URLs. It is often necessary for others to try to replicate the error. Without them it’s hard to help.