Difference between project member and user

I am setting up a project for a cohort of colleagues around the world. Some folks have provided me their iNat user name and I added them as a user. Others have joined the project. (I didn’t know they could do this). I have not checked the Project Members Only box on the project set up page.

When I look at the public project dashboard I don’t see the members listed as users. Will the members observations still show up or should I add them as users? What is the difference between member and user, anyway? I see that you can make a member a manager but I’m not sure what that means.

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The list of Users down in the Project Requirements specifies whose observations will get collected into the project. So anyone who joined as a member, but isn’t listed as a user in the project requirements won’t have their observations in the project.

Membership is controlled by the person signing up as a member. It means they can receive project journal posts in their dashboard, and could potentially be promoted to manager. It also means that if they have observations in the project, the observation pages will show the project badge.
The users in the requirements are controlled by the person who created the project, and those determine which observations get collected into the project.


If you tick the “project members only” box, then anybody on iNaturalist that joins the project may have their observations collected in the project (provided they meet the requirements set by the project). If you only want specific members in the project, then adding their usernames manually will have their names listed under the “Users” title, and only their observations will be collected. Hope this helps :)


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