Only a proportion of uploaded observations showing in a project

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Hi There,
There are 2 of us, 1 using an android phone and one an iphone both well within the boundary of a project ‘The Deep and Native Biodiversity’ and we are finding that only a proportion of our observations are being loaded to the project even though in our own profile considerably more have uploaded. I have looked at the tutorials and help and we cannot see where the problem migh lie. For example Today (9/8/22) the member with teh android phone took a total of 20 photos but only 9 were uploaded to the project above even though many of the observations were taken in the same spot, with some uploading and some not. On the iphone I took 29 observations and only 16 were present. Whilst I understand that a couple of these may not have met the project criteria ther are definitely those, particularly where the have been taken within minutes of each other and we were studying the contents of sweep nets so know that only some have been uploaded.
I appreciate this is not a crucial issue but it there was any help you could provide I would be extremely grateful.
Kindest Regards

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there’s no bug here.

it would be helpful to give specific examples of observations that you think should have been included but were not. otherwise, it takes a lot more effort to look into the issue.

take a look at your project requirements (

if you don’t think location is the issue, then which of the other criteria above are likely to filter out a lot of observations? compare:


I suspect that it is the “Native” filter that’s keeping things out. I’m not certain, but the taxon itself may need to be marked native on the check list page for that to not act as a block on adding even research grade observations that are not native.
Anything that’s not at species level will also be kept out.

Thank you very much for your replies, I’ll have a look into the native label and also pisum thanks for the clarification, it is the location as the criteria that appears to be the issue. I will check to get some specific examples.
Many thanks again