No possibility to see all observations in projects

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Step 1: Open any collection project (I tried a number of, here the ‘Butterflies of Cambodia’ are used for an example).

Step 2: Press ‘View all’ button. Choose ‘grid’ or ‘list’ options (the bug is the same)

Step 3: Scroll down until more observation stop to appear. You will see some hundreds of obervations (in my example I counted 300). That’s all, you cannot see more. (The example project has 2,184 observations). A line with buttons for page numbers should appear below, but it does not.

I failed to find any means to look through all observations. This but is the same for the grid and list presentations. At the same time if you look at only research grade observations or observations which need ids, by clicking the green or yellow sectors of the circular diagram, respectively, you can see all such observations: when you scroll the screen down to the end, the page number line does appear. It also appears when you see a list of your own observations, both as a grid or list.

The line with page numbers would better be restored at the ‘View all’ option in projects.

Hello! This has been reported before and the staff explained that it was intentional, so I created this feature

To see all the observations you currently have to click the Search button.

Since this isn’t a bug, I’ll close this topic. Feel free to continue the discussion at the link above. Thanks!

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