Strange names when exploring in ios

I have seen some strange names in iOS app. Why do I see the Czech name for red hartebeest? And why is B. angloensis show as a common name?

It may be a user setting to default to Czech and because there are often no Czech common names written in for species, many of his observation’s common names default to English.

Scientific names often show for common names across the site.

There is no nation to language relationship established anywhere in iNaturalist. Names seen by users are solely driven by their settings, not those of the person who entered the content.

What is displayed to the user in terms of language is completely driven by either (in a complex mix)

  • the settings on their device
  • the settings they have chosen in their account

For example, my phone is in Danish, so I see:

  • Danish names for species where one is entered
  • scientific names for species where no Danish name is entered
  • English names for species where something specific is set as a name used in Canada, which I have set for my Account Settings.

Name usages across the entire mobile app are really inconsistent.

It would help if you could clarify your phone settings as well as your iNat settings to help diagnose any issues.


All my settings are English only.

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Thanks for the clarification. You learn something new every day.

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Hi Andrew, there have been a few changes to names in the apps over the past year. Are you still running into this issue with the updated app?

still get it occasionally

This is another species_guess problem, see also here and here.


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