Different default common names by state or region

Can anybody explain how default common names work, and why I’m seeing the global name for states where I’ve designated a different default?

The name “Mountain Cottontail” makes me a little nuts. Here in California and Nevada, it’s Nuttall’s Cottontail, and I’d really, really, really like to be able to have that name pop up for all observations from those two states. Is that not how adding places to the taxon English names works?
If not, what’s it doing?

“You can also specify default names in different places by editing the name and adding a place, but please only do this when different places have conflicting names.”

Have you gone into your account settings and configured the prioritize names used setting to either California or Nevada ?

You need to set that for you to see the names. Adding the name to the taxonomy and setting it for a place it does not mean that it is applied to every observation in either of those states by default. it means if you configure your account to use names from that place, it is what you will see.

For example, if you were to set Perisoreus canadensis to have a name of Gray Jay in Nevada, I would still not want to see that, I still want to see Canada Jay, even if the record is in Nevada, since my names setting is configured to show names used in Canada.


But what if I want to impose my opinions on a whole state? Ah well, anyhow, THANK YOU!! This is great. I made the change in my settings, and assume that will kick in at some point (it hasn’t yet).

Thanks again!

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You cant impose your opinion over a state, you can only configure what you personally will see.

There it goes. So satisfying!!

cmcheatle, that part was a joke.

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