Default local names sometimes appear sometimes not?

I have my species local language preference set to indonesian and i noticed that alot of the times it does not show the indonesian name by default even though they have them. For example Talinum paniculatum appears with the indonesian name “Som Jawa” by default however Nisaetus bartelsi still shows the english name (Javan Hawk-Eagle) by default even though the species do have the indonesian name (Elang Jawa) on the taxon page. What actually decides how the default local names are shown?

What platform are you talking about (website versus mobile app), and what exact settings are you running in terms of the language you view the site in an the places you have entered in the ‘prioritize names from’ box on your account settings ?

The difference between the 2 is that on the name for Talinum paniculatum, in addition to the name being entered in Indonesian, it is set to be used in Indonesia

This means you see it when you specify to see names in Indonesia.

In the entry for Nisaetus bartelsi it is not one, thus you see the English. This has to be entered, there is no automatic connection to name in Indonesian therefore show when user says show names from Indonesia. Unfortunately many folks who enter names do not know this.

If you are a curator you can add it, if not unfortunately you must flag it.

fyi - I fixed the eagle


Thank you! This is pretty much all i need to know. I entered a list of indonesian names for plants but was wondering why they dont show up as default. Unfortunate that i have to be a curator to set it as default.

On a related note wouldnt it be better if we could set preference to language instead of place?


If you entered the name, you can edit it, that is the one exception to the curator rule. But you cant edit those done by someone else.


FWIW staff entered @naufalurfi’s list of plant names (we met at a Singapore workshop - hey Naufal!). If you’re interested in being a curator, Naufal, please read the Curator Guide and email If you can, please provide some examples of what you’d like to do as a curator (eg taxonomic changes, common name changes, etc).

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