Disagreeing higher IDs changed to agreeing due to taxon swap

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The former planthopper superfamily Fulgoroidea was split into Fulgoroidea s.s. and Cixioidea. Consequently old Fulgoroidea IDs were changed to Fulgoromorpha. In doing so, disagreeing IDs using Fulgoroidea were replaced with nondisagreeing ones of Fulgoromorpha, causing old incorrect species IDs to resurface. One has to manually add an additional disagreeing ID in order to clear them out. This particular species is a problem because it’s an invasive species in several places but the CV keeps incorrectly choosing it for almost any planthopper.


This is a known issue. I don’t know if it qualifies as a bug but at least there’s a workaround that can be used to restore the disagreeing IDs after the fact. The problem can occur as a result of the simplest taxon change, such as name change.