Display "Introduced" Status on observations in mobile app

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: Mobile (IOS + Android)

Description of need:
The anthropogenically introduced status is a useful piece of information for any catalogued organism. Of course, “invasiveness” varies greatly and many introduced organisms are harmless and require no special monitoring, but some novel introduced species should certainly, at the very least, be watched with care.

Feature request details:
This is a fairly simple suggestion and just entails a way to see if an observation is of an introduced organism without heading to the desktop site. Detailed regional data is not needed for mobile, just the pink “!” is useful enough.

@gvbox I edited your title to clarify a bit.


I would like to see this too; if I see a new user posting invasives then I try to use the comment feature to say it’s invasive since many other people are mobile users who will otherwise never know… so this would certainly save me some time ;)