Alphabetical or other grouping of pinned locations

I have about 15-20 regular locations in my present home town, but also 10-15 at my parents and then others at parents in law, regular holiday spots, etc as well as places I day trip to from my home.

It would be great to be able to group these somehow so that it was easier to find them in pinned locations. Scrolling through my names at the moment is a little frustrating - I would have to name them all alphabetically in order for them to be grouped together… but it would make more sense I think if they were grouped by location somehow and arranged in a relevant order to that.
Alphabetical order isn’t very relevant in this context.

Alternatively, having it so that the drop down menu also inflates to the right.
e.g. So I can hover over Shropshire and that expands a list of my Shropshire locations on the right.

If you remember the place name why not typing it in?

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hmm, true - maybe if I had better place names - at the moment they are pretty long and arbitrary…so not so easy to remember or type out. I probably do need a better naming system. How do you name yours and how many different sites do you have to scroll through?

either way, this still doesn’t affect whether the dropdown is alphabetical or not.
not sure I see a benefit to alphabetical ordering here over location-based ordering


I’m up for your suggestion, btw - you should vote for it too!
If places are big I name them by toponyms, if small and I use them frequently it can be anything, like forest near house, that street, or “around the house” or that lake. Anyway I’ll move the circle to the exact spot and nobody will see those names (other than really small ones), so it’s about what you can remember and understand what does it mean.

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ok, yes same here…for me, usually toponym with river by wood or whatever…
I could definitely make a personal codification for this though to help.

another …perhaps better option could also be to order by most recently used location actually - don’t know about others, but for me, I tend to go every day for a week to similar area… or 15 times a month or whatever, depending on where I’m based. The top 8 which are currently shown in the dropdown would cover this.

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sidenote though then also - is there a way to edit existing pinned location names?

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I think no, but you can click on it when adding an observation, then change the name and save it, then delete an old pin.


THat’d be useful for me too; there’s a small nature park recently opened by me that the local Texas A&M Agrilife put together. The thing is, there are tons of Texas A&M Agrilife locations in Texas, and the name field isn’t long enough to see which one is autofilling.

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Another element I wondered about with regard to this was whether there could be a more predictive element to filling in the locality notes…

For me, clicking around my area, the locality note text defaults to either the town name, the county name or occasionally, a suburb. All of these are too broad a locus to be of much use to me (and I imagine most people ).

Could it auto-complete the locality note with the road name or nearest landmark instead?

Locality notes come from Google Maps. Oftentimes the more precise they are, the less accurate they seem to be, so we’re displaying the less precise but hopefully more accurate text.

We’ve decided to not move forward with this request so I’ll close it.