Monthly collection project question

I want to make an umbrella project that will include several bioblitz structured as collection projects : the bioblitz will be focused on six species of invasive plants, and’ll be held in the same region of italy every month (campania).
My question is: when i will make the second bioblitz, the observation counter will start from zero? i want to give prizes to vounteers with most observation every month, but i don’t know how it works with collection projects, i’m afraid that if i will start a collection project with the same requirements of the past one it will add the observations of the past month

Your umbrella project will count all observations, that’s where you’ll be looking at most active users of all time (and you can filter any month there too, but old bioblitzes will show everything too), of course every bioblitz will have different date settings and start with zero. Did you look up any other projects to see how it works? Cause it sounds it could help you understand the system better.

Yes i’ll look at CityNature challenge to understand better, but i think that i’m ready to start :)

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Sorry to bother you again, but i’ve started a ‘demo’ of my collection project to see how it works and it added all my precedent obs, it means that every collection project with the same requisites will add past observations from partecipants? it’s a problem for me because if i restart the collection every month, users that in the past have made more observations will be in the top everytime, and that’s not a fair competition for new users

Could you link those? I think you just didn’t add right dates’ filters. yes i think that was the problem :D now i’m trying with a strict interval of time to see if it works, but i think it will

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