Double tap on identify view on iPad

Does anyone know why is it that I need to tap twice on any observations to either agree or open the observation. On desktop or Android a single tap will do. It seems like the first tap will only select the observation and the 2nd tap will initiate the action.

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I don’t have a fix for this, but keep in mind that the iOS version is a little behind the Android version.

Also, you might consider moving this to #bug-reports.

sounds like this: iOS has a :hover problem - Human Who Codes.

i suppose the site could be changed just to account for iOS’s unique handling of hover-related events, but i think if this were to be addressed at some point, it would be really low on the list of priorities, just judging by other reports of odd behaviors on iPad (ex. Empty error pop-ups - Bug Reports - iNaturalist Community Forum).

that said, apparently a longer tap will follow a link instead of triggering the hover event (see ios - How do I hover on the iPad? - Ask Different ( so you could try long-tapping in these situations to avoid having to tap twice.

In fact long tap can be more problematic, imo it seems opening one observation and go on clicking on the right is the fastest way of going through them on iPad.

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