Present data in full-screen slideshow

Good morning, let me suggest the activation of a tool that allows to show the data belonging to a specific project (maybe filterable based on different criteria) in a sort of full-screen slide show.

It would be interesting to show all the different observations in sequence, perhaps with the indication of the date and the name of the species.

This simple function could be used to promote data collected during scientific events or through other media.

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I feel like I’ve seen a photo of this at an iNat event. Is there an existing way to do this @loarie?

Yes if you tack on “/stats_slideshow” at the end of a project URL on the web, you can visualize the project in the little Slideshow we made back in 2016 for the National Park Service Centennial Bioblitz

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seems like this slideshow doesn’t really do what the original post was talking about. i’m thinking it probably wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort to make something closer to what alesmazzo was describing, though maybe it would be better done as a quick side project or something for a potential hackathon.

@alesmazzo – would you describe your specific use case a little more? i’m curious what you are trying to do with the slideshow. are you trying to make, say, a display for a nature center to show everything that people have seen?

I can’t answer for the original poster, but what I would love to have is a slideshow that works as a picture gallery. It would show the first photo from each observation (or from each taxon) and cycle through those images (perhaps in random order) with the taxon name and observer shown for each. Each image would show for maybe five seconds. This would be a really cool thing to have running in fullscreen mode at the welcome area for a BioBlitz, especially if it updated so that people could see the images they’d added appearing.