Downloads do not display the relevant observation fields

I am downloading data collected by CREW for Red List analysis.

I have two projects to collect this data, and periodically I need to transfer the data to the Red List Database for analysis.

However, a filter selecting the data - using a common link field between these data sets:

does not display all the relevant Observation Fields in the data set, and I cannot select the data needed for the analysis.

  1. How do I get the Observation fields in the data set to display in order to select them when I want to use the download screens? There appears to be no way to update or add to the odd list of fields displayed (some of which dont even appear to be in use in the dataset).
  2. Is is possible to construct a URL to specify which data fields I want to download? It seems silly to have to tick dozens of boxes (or untick dozens of boxes) every time I want to download the data.

((I seem to recall a thread about this but I cannot find it. it is now reasonably urgent))

The observation field options on the download page should be the last 50 observation fields you have used, and there is currently no way to select other ones or construct a URL.

However, if you choose “Export with hidden coordinates” from the project’s main page, that should give you all observations in the projects with private coordinates and columns for all observation fields listed by the project, eg for CREW Site Sheet (s Afr):

Thanks. That works a treat. Exactly what I wanted
(although I did not need all the data, just a small subset. For projects with very many observations, it wont bother me, but hopefully wont impact on server time???)…