Downvoted annotations are included in charts on the taxon page

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Browser: Chrome

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The flowering plant Clintonia borealis has a bisexual flower yet its taxon page displays a “Sex” chart. The chart indicates that two “female” plants have been observed.

There are precisely two observations of Clintonia borealis with a “Sex” annotation:

Note, however, that the annotations have been downvoted, in which case no “Sex” chart should be displayed on the taxon page.

Here’s another illustration of this bug. The “Plant Phenology” chart on the Clintonia uniflora taxon page indicates that four flowering plants were observed in September. Indeed there are four observations of Clintonia uniflora in September that have a “Flowering” annotation:

Note, however, that two of the “Flowering” annotations were subsequently downvoted and therefore only two observations with a “Flowering” annotation should be indicated on the chart.

In summary, the “Sex” chart (resp., “Plant Phenology” chart) on the taxon page includes all verifiable observations with a “Sex” annotation (resp., “Flowering” annotation) even if the annotation has been downvoted. Presumably all of the annotation-based charts exhibit this bug (but I didn’t check the other charts).

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A related issue:

Here’s another illustration of this bug. According to the taxon page for Trillium undulatum, one flowering plant has been observed in July in New England. The Explore and Identify tools find zero flowering plants in July in New England, so I assume the “Flowering” annotation on this one observation has been downvoted.