Dragon Naturally Speaking for annotations?

I’ve been doing a lot of annotations with keyboard shortcuts, but am worried about RSI. I have Dragon Naturally Speaking which works on inaturalist for entering various text, but it doesn’t seem to work for keyboard shortcuts. Are there any tricks to get this to work? Any other ideas for making 1000s of annotations more efficient? I’m currently only annotating three things: adult, nymph, or teneral.

Is it possible the remap the F1-F12 keys to various letters? This would help make the keys I’m using more localized rather than widely spaced. I searched online, but couldn’t find anything amazingly.

For remapping keys on Windows, SharpKeys is very straightforward.

However, I recently switched to an HP brand laptop from my prior Dell brand, and found that it controls the function keys in a different way such that SharpKeys can’t remap them. (Sigh, back to key inefficiency for me, although I’ve lowered RSI with my new touchscreen).

“Any other ideas for making 1000s of annotations more efficient? I’m currently only annotating three things: adult, nymph, or teneral.”

So, for the annotation, the thing that made me need to remap was having the forward arrow key out of position relative to Lepidoptera life stage keys: la, ll, lp, or le, then have to reach farther right with a finger to hit forward key every time). I remapped > forward key to F2 and it was all I needed to do to fly through the annoations.

Now that I can’t remap, I figured out this workaround: Pull up a large pageful to annotate using per_page=100 in the url, then go to the end of that page and annotate backwards through the page using the < backward key which is in comfortable reach of L.


Excellent!! I think your solution of the last paragraph is what I’m going to use. One thing I just figured out is that 200 is the max per_page, so I’m using that instead of 100.

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Great! One further refinement you can do: focus on marking adults (la) for a while as you go through, skipping with < on the teneral and nymph. Then when you go back through, you’ll be enriched in lt, ln annotations to do, where those 2 keys are close together. (In Leps I tend to leave out eggs and pupae and come back to those after a bunch of larvae and adults.)

This is another good idea!

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If you are in the Apple world, iOS and likely OS, have Voice Control that can be turned on in Settings (under Accessibilty) that allows users to navigate a page. People can perform screen or mouse functions by voice commands. It is also possible to customize Voice Commands to specific screen actions. For, example, a librarian gave me a simple set of instructions so I can use my voice to turn pages in my ebooks.

I have not investigated it much beyond that, but it looks rather powerful. Here are sample screenshots:


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