Duplicate a country checklist

I was wondering if some of the things i set up in one country’s checklist can be applied into another one.
For example, if I set the the common myna as an Invasive specie in Israel, can that be applied as well on the Palestine checklist.

I will explain where i am coming from,
Israel and Palestine, by google maps, are within different borders, I wont get into politics, but when the flora and fauna of Israel is studied, all the lands together falls under its.
What I mean is, if a flower is endemic to Israel, it is as well endemic in Palestine as well.

Now, I have made hundreds of native, endemic, introduce, tags on the Israeli list. and I would like it to be transfer to the Palestine checklist as well instead of doing it manually.
This also regards specie risk status, common names in Hebrew.
I wonder if its possible.

be happy to explain further if something is not fully understood.
Thanks, Ben.


Since all the countries I’ve ever looked up in iNaturalist already have checklists, I think your problem is not something many users have encountered before. I also notice that Palestine already has a checklist, so you couldn’t just copy everything over without worrying that you’re erasing unique parts of it – you’d have to use more of a targeted transfer of information. I don’t know how to do that or if it’s possible. I use a lot of copy and paste to transfer things like notes on nativity and endemism, but that isn’t very fast or easy. If no one on the forum has ideas for you, you could always e-mail the iNaturalist folks for help. I have read that the checklists are one of the less user-friendly functionalities of the website, though, so there may just not be an easy way to update them.


I thought you just can import the checklist and if there are conflicts you can choose to skip the rcords.

Maybe you can – it’s not something I’ve ever tried.

So I guess I will have to do it manually.
Thank you for the answers

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