Genus status affect the entire species under it

I can across the need to make individual species from the same genus, trough the checklist for specific country introduced.

I mean, there several specie of Eucalyptus in Israel, all introduced, so I wonder if i make the genus “Eucalyptus” introduced in israel checklist, all the species that occur in israel will became as as well.

is it possible?

Yes, go to the place checlist for Israel, search for the genus and click edit, there’s an option to change status.

That I did already,
What I meant is, if I changed the genus all the other species will be affected, which they didn’t

Thank you,

There’s some problems with this list as it only allows species and not genera to be seen, but if you could open the genus and change it it’d work for all observations down from it, could you link where you did it?

For the moment, I did changed the genus level for introduced, and also manually the local species.
So for now I cant see if it worked. but i will try again in the future, keeping this option in mind.
Thank you for your help so far :relaxed:

I don’t know if this works or not. I’d just caution, we want to be very sure no species in the genus (in the location) are native first. Otherwise a blanket categorization could become problematic (e.g. if an undescribed/unknown native species were later discovered, or less unlikely if a native species was already known but just overlooked by a user). In saying this I’m not saying your specific example is incorrect though.

For sure those trees are nowhere near Israel in their native range, they’re from Australia, NG and some islands.

I believe that, I don’t mean in this example. I’m just commenting on if genus status in a location can change the status of all species there, one potential drawback is if it accidentally includes native species (in other scenarios where it’s used).

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Do you know why this particular list doesn’t allow anything but species? I believed such lists automatically were set to all taxa levels and here it’s only species and genus status can’t be changed.

I haven’t tried setting “introduced” at the genus level before so I don’t know, only for species. Is it definitely possible to specify an entire genus? (i don’t know). All I could otherwise guess would be if any taxa are locked by curators, although as far as I thought that shouldn’t affect native/introduced status, so I don’t know.

If list is set to “leaves” and not species, then yes, it’s possible, it’s not about taxa, but list itself.

I’m not familiar with using “leaves,” I’d wonder is it supposed to be done? Anyway, I’ll leave the rest of the comments here for users already with experience making this kind of genus change.