Non curators unable to add species to certain checklists?

As part of my role as a taxa curator, I have created specific national checklists for every nation for the group I admin.

I was just sent a message by a user who wanted to add further species to one of them, however, they were unable to do so. Trying to do so led to a message saying ‘must be the list creator or a curator’

This is the checklist in question

Is this intentional behaviour, and if so, what is the reason for it ? It seems odd to block updating checklists.

I don’t think the issue is that the taxa in question is a locked taxa, as a test, I went to a checklist for a different family (birds) on another national checklist, and was able to add a record. I am not a bird curator, so if it was somehow related to the locked taxa status I should also have been rejected, so I assume it is related to status as a general site curator or not ?

Anyone can add a new species to the main checklist for Kazakhstan:

But you have to be a curator to edit someone else’s checklist, such as the one you personally made specifically for spiders.

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It seems odd that a list specifically set as a child checklist of a national one (which all users can contribute to) is considered a personal list. Perhaps this should be reconsidered.

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