Edge: Login Password Prompt?

The enquiry is quite the opposite of this, where the login box offers a suggest prompt for the email account, but the password box does not. This is the only site tabbed in MS Edge with the issue.
The account prompt actually offers a prompt for two email accounts used in MS Edge, which includes, of course the one used for INaturalist, plus a jump link to “Manage Personal Info” in Edge Settings.
Thus it appears as if INaturalist does not actually remember the account for the login sequence, the solution with other sites in Edge browser is to automatically fill the password field with the password suggest prompt when the correct account name from the prompt is chosen, For some reason INat doesn’t do this, so one must manually refer to their own Personal Info stores.every time they log in.
Does anyone experience this say, with Chrome, for example?

Do others experience this or is it just me?
The case might be that most users actually sign on with Facebook or Google, so the problem wouldn’t repro for them. A solution perhaps.
Funny thing logging on to the forums here, same issue with the password field. But clicking “Use INaturalist account”, we’re in! :joy: Go fig.

Hi @lmstearn are you still experiencing this issue? (I’m not sure I’m able to fully understand what the problem is.) If so, you may need to post at meta.discourse.org, the forum for the software that the iNat Forum is run on - Discourse.

Hey @bouteloua, thanks for the response. Happy to say this doesn’t repro on Chrome, whether or not it still does in Edge, will update later.