Add an edit button for each individual status on the Status tab for taxon profiles

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At the moment, editing an existing status for any given taxon (changing from open to obscured or vice versa, adding notes, etc) is a tedious process that takes longer than necessary, especially if editing a number of statuses in a session. At the moment, the workflow is like this:

  1. (once on a taxon page) Click the curation button
  2. Click edit taxon from that dropdown
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the edit page (this is especially annoying for taxa with many common names set across different languages, and many statuses applied, eg
  4. Click edit on the relevant status
  5. Opens a new tab where you make the edits

This seems like an unnecessary process, and could instead be replaced with the below suggestion.

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I would like an edit button added to the right of each status on the taxon page, eliminating the need for steps 1-3 above. It would look like this:

the same thing is already implemented on the Taxonomy tab for names, so I assume should be easy to replicate

Added a Github issue here:, which calls for the link to appear on the Geoprivacy term itself, rather than adding another column to the table.

Before implementing we would need to reindex all taxa, which would take some time but can be done in the background and not require any downtime.


This has been implemented, eg


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