Edit observation to add it to a project

How can an already submitted observation be edited to add it to a project? I can not see a way to do this while editing an observation.

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On the observation page there’s a bar on the right-hand side labeled “Projects”, which shows projects the observation is already in. You can click and type in the box to add a new one.

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That was way too easy! Thank you! (I was looking for it under the edit observation function) :smile:


Just a note, that this will only work with traditional projects. For collection/umbrella projects, the observation is automatically added if it meets the criteria set for the project, so the only way to add observations to those is to alter the observation details or the project criteria such that they match in conditions

You can add multiple observations at once if you’re using the “batch edit” feature, too. Just select them, then, a few inches right of the “edit selected” button, you’ll see “add to project”.

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