Edit "Your Recent Projects" and "Add a Project List"?

When I go to the Community tab, the Your Recent Projects listing pops up. The projects are indeed some of those I am contributing to, but they are not the most recent - and the same 7 projects pops up no matter that some I’ve not added to for almost a year. Why doesn’t the “Recent” list update?
Secondly, along the same vein, how do I add/delete projects under the “Add To Project” tab? The list of my projects seems fixed. How do I alter this listing to include newer projects and remove outdated ones?


Is anybody reading this? Not a single reply - no help at all? I see this problem as a stumbling block - tried to join a new project & contribute sightings, but I am unable to add the project to my list under the “Add To Project” tab in the Edit format. So - any help??? :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t know how the “recent projects” list works, so I can’t help you there.

Re. the list under an observation’s “Add to project” field, this should show all the “traditional” projects you belong to, but not the “collection” projects (those automatically add you qualifying observations, so there’s nothing to do here). To remove a project from that list, you’d need to leave/unsubscribe that project. From your profile page, go to the Projects tab, then open a project. In the upper right corner next to “Terms & Rules” there’s a very inconspicuous “Leave this project” button.

Thanks - will try that. :+1:

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