What determines project order on the Community dropdown menu?

I’m not sure if this is technically a bug, but I’m curious about how the 7 “Your Recent Projects” are selected. These are mine (on the website):

I don’t think I’ve gone into the 2022 EcoBlitz project (1st on the list) since last summer at the latest.
I run the Global Caterpillar Construct Project, so that one makes sense.
I haven’t done much with the third project on the list in a while.
I add other people’s observations to various leaf miner projects, but I almost never go to the project pages. (I’m not sure if that makes a difference.)
I frequently ID observations in the Micromoths & U.S. Caterpillars projects and get there by going in through the project pages.

However, I ID through the Caterpillars of Eastern North America project at least as frequently as those last two projects and it almost never shows up on the menu. Anyone know how these projects are selected from the ones an individual belongs to?

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I go straight to the Projects page. Click Manage your Projects.
There the list IS useful.
With a View All option at the bottom, if the one I want isn’t listed.

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