Correcting locations on multiple posts

Hello, can anyone tell me how to change locations on multiple posts to the same location? Before joining iNaturalist, I used to contribute to Bowerbird (Australia). At one time the location finder wasn’t working correctly, a problem with google maps I think. During that time I just put in the coordinates for my local area but I want to correct these with the exact location, all at one address. How do I do this?

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welcome to the forum Dita :)

Click the edit observations tab on your home page

click ‘batch edit’

Those pink markers beside each photo will turn into checkboxes, check all the ones you want to change
→ click the yellow ‘edit selected’ button that will have appeared where the ‘batch edit’ button was
→ you’ll come to a new screen like this, click ‘batch operations’

change the location at the right and click apply

make sure you then also scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘save all’


This is another example of the great functionality of Batch Edit that I haven’t taken advantage of! On occasion, I’ve wanted to correct the location for up to 10 or 15 recently-uploaded observations and did them manually one by one. I should have known… ;-)


Thanks heaps - much easier than doing them one at a time!

Just an FYI, if you do more than about 50 at a time, you will get an error message when it has done, but the work will have been done. It is some issue with refreshing the page or other after the update is complete. So dont worry if you encounter that.

Thanks cmcheatle, yes, that has happened so I’m glad to read your comment.

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