Editing my topic

Hi everyone I don’t know if this goes in bug reports or not so I will get straight to the point.
Earlier this morning I wanted to edit my topic - what animals have injured, stung, bitten you -https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/what-animals-have-injured-stung-bitten-you/20901 but the edit Butten was not there. Does it go away after a month or is it just a glitch.

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Someone with Trust Level 2 has 42,800 minutes (about one month) to edit their post.


May I ask why they only have 42,800 minutes to edit their post and not as long as they want.

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Because while one can see if a topic has been edited, it’s not obvious to many people that it has been edited. If someone comes across a long discussion where most of the replies are referencing a post that was edited months later, that might make those replies more difficult to understand.

Also, a Discourse staff member wrote this reply to the same query.