Questions about Editing

This group has the ability to edit, which the other group did not. I’m just not really clear about how that impacts likes and votes, and I’m also not clear why the orange pencil for edits is viewable but undated to other users. What would be the point of knowing it was edited if the changes can’t be seen? I looked for an info section on this but couldn’t find it. I do like being able to edit my posts instead of deleting and starting over, or adding a clarifying post.


I originally turned off the ability for anyone to see past version of a post basically because I was embarrassed by my original attempts at some of the About topics for categories. But I’m fine to allow anyone to see the edit history of posts. I’ll do that now and we can see how people feel about it. Thanks @sgene.


Including the issue of complete post deletion in the “editing” category – this can lead to confusion and loss of context in subsequent replies (as can editing). See:
and resolution later in the same thread:

Does Discourse have any way to allow notifications to users who replied to (including quoting) a post (other than the original) that has since been deleted or edited?

Seems like an option that I would turn on if it existed…

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