Email addresses for iNaturalist Accounts must be confirmed by July 1st, 2023

Hey all. Some of you have no doubt noticed the banner on every page of the website asking you to confirm your email address. Here’s a blog post explaining it in more detail.

UPDATE: we removed the automatic lockout functionality from the email confirmation process. Now, if you request a confirmation email, you won’t be logged out or locked out of your account (although there’s still a deadline of July 1st, 2023). That way, if there are any issues with the email, you can still use iNat.

While there were always going to be some problems with a change this big and covering so many different people and email providers, they were bigger than anticipated and we didn’t want to lock users out for problems beyond their control. I do want to apologize to anyone inconvenienced by those issues, we tried to get them solved as quickly as possible.

If you notice any bugs, please file it in #bug-reports.


Thanks for confirming, I appreciate that. I just did it and it was fairly seamless for me.


Just did it. Thanks for making Inat a safe place! @tiwane


I wonder if everyone’s done this all at once as it’s been 10 minutes and I’m still waiting for my email to arrive so I can sign back in. (That’s a long wait for an iNat addict!)


According to our records you received an email. Did you check your spam folder?

It takes less then 10 minutes before the mail arrived…

I did and there’s nothing there. I’ve also tried quitting and reopening the Mail app. Nothing yet.

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@tiwane Thanks for helping get me sorted.

Done. Took about 10 seconds.

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Will unverified accounts be automatically logged out after July 1st?

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After exiting (why so?) I’ve got a message on strange language (Tienes que confirmar tu cuenta para poder continuar.), differs from main language of the page (Russian).

PS: There is a placeholder in mail ({vow:an|a})


Didn’t work for me. No reply in my inbox or spam folder after a couple of hours. I’ll give it till tomorrow then try again.

Edit: Worked fine when I tried the following day.



That’s a known bug with banners.


Really? If you’re viewing the site in Russian, the send yourself the confirmation email and get signed out, I’d expect the messaging to remain in Russian. I’ll try and reproduce it, but if anyone has repeatable steps that would help a lot.

Will fix, thanks for the report.


I clicked the confirmation and I haven’t received an email, now I can’t log in. Is there a system error?

It looks like our email service stopped sending you emails because your email provider rejected one of our emails in the past. It should be fixed now. Can you please log in and send a confirmation email again?

If that doesn’t work, please email directly.

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Thank you!

Know issue but I cannot reproduce it. One of the bugreports about the banner is from march 2019 in Chinese:

I got this

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