Empty error pop-ups

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iPad iOS 14.2

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Empty error report boxes appear on Dashboard view. They scroll with the screen.

Step 1:
I have noted this a couple times when using Dashboard (?). Boxes appear with a label of “error:”, but no error is reported or evident in the interface. Scrolling causes the error box to move up/down around on the screen

Step 2:
Nothing, just leave the page.

Step 3:

Further description:

Open the Dashboard
Click an item in the list
A box appears saying “Loading… “
The screen switches to the observation
Click the back arrow to return to the Dashboard display
The erstwhile “Loading…” box now says, “error: ”.
Repeat with the next item

This time, the boxes did not scroll with the screen.

As far as I’m concerned, this is not really a bothersome phenomenon .

By “list” it looks like you mean the notifciations icon in the header that looks like a speech bubble, correct? There are multiple things that can be considered a “list” on the dashboard page.

Sorry; I thought the screenshot showed the list of items – things folks have reacted to (accessed when the speech bubble turns red). That’s what I meant. I thought it was called the Dashboard . That is the list I refer to here.

As it happens, that is only list I’ve ever noticed from the speech bubble icon.

And, this "error: " box message doesn’t cause me a problem functionally. This report is just more of an FYI.

It did, I was just making sure. The speech bubble icon in the header is for notifications, it can be accessed from just about any page on the website. The dashboard is the page you access at inaturalist.org/home.

Unfortunately the website isn’t designed for mobile browsers and touch screens, which is probably what’s causing this. It’s possible we could get rid of these, but the underlying issue is that browsing inaturalist.org on an iPad isn’t really a good experience.

LOL! but it’s so much more flexible! (my computer is a desktop).