IDs & Comments not appearing in Dashboard

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I hope I’m doing this right.
I check my dashboard “Your Content,” daily, multiple times. I rarely miss a day. On several occasions, I’ve found comments or identifications that never appeared in my dashboard.
Is there some other way to filter for changes to my submissions that I have not seen?

I believe I read in another forum post that minor slowdowns on the website caused some notifications to not show up. That sounds like your problem. Sorry, I don’t remember the topic, but you might be able to search for it.

Thank you. I have all kinds of buggy things with Chrome & iNat, although my Chrome is latest version and I clear cache/cookies regularly. This week, my observations page after an upload hasn’t updated for days. (Although I can go direct to observations and they are up-to-date). And I’ve always had the problem of observations showing twice (with only one observation ID#). I need to check for bug reports or submit one for each problem.

@pisum has created a way to see the observation notifications you have received but have never opened, and it’s described in this topic: It starts where the third screenshot in that topic currently is. It’s for all your observation notifications, however, not just notifications about your own observations. I use this all the time.

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