iNat down? Pages all incomplete

Is iNat down at the moment, or is it just me? I get a spinning busy cursor and incomplete pages anywhere on the website.


yeah Identify won’t work for me, but the dashboard loads…
this started some time in the last half an hour, I think

I get “Unknown error” on the identify page

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I am having the same problem, both on my PC using Google Chrome, and on my iPhone using Safari. Dashboard loads, but pages with personal observations and identifications fail to load, and the Identify page returns an “unknown error” message.

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I have the same issues with the “Unknown error”, cant identify anything.

Same here, but my dashboard is loading the top and side bars but not the content.

updates aren’t loading on my app, and a few hundred observations aren’t showing in my “me” tab’s count

It was working fairly normallly aabout 5-10minutes ago, then it slowed down. Now all I see is the spinning loading icon.

Same condition happened to me

Same for at least 30 mins, half of page loads ad working (can open user and iders tabs in the project, but not species and observations tabs). Identify page just says 0 obsrvations.

Yep. Something is up. Pages slow to load or not at all.

A good time to plug making donations to help keep the site running!


The whole iNaturalist network is having this problem, as well as the app.

Same problems here, in Los Angeles County. A morning without iNat… oh no! Worse than a morning without coffee.


Aye, I’m getting the same as all the other folks. If I cant ID stuff, what am I supposed to do at work all day?




Spend this day with us. :D


Thanks about confirming that this is an iNat problem. On Discord Dronefly isn’t working.

I’ve been having the same problem on desktop and on iOS. On mobile it says “Internal Error 500”

9:20am CST still not working (using Firefox)