Unable to download Inat data

I tried downloading sepcies data in India. It says it will email me once it’s once. What can I do ?

I think login 24hours later and look in your alert or notificationlist ? I think it is rather busy now so retry in one week.

Depending on the size of your query, it should be through in maybe 10 mins or so. If longer, it will be the size of the result set or otherwise CNC will be taking priority. It does come through, so you just need to be patient, but because of CNC I don’t think you can use the time this one takes as a benchmark for future exports.

I’ve been waiting for mine for three days; is it really taking that long because of congestion, or do you figure something is stuck somewhere? I was planning to use the reports to prioritize CNC observations for an ID blitz we’re having tomorrow.

I am having the same issues. I’m trying to download data for a school project, but the queries I did last night are still pending as is the one I tried today.

If you are really time constrained on your project, and do not need data that is absolutely up to the minute updated, I would consider going to GBIF.org where all research grade data from iNat eventually ends up, and you can download data from there. Also assuming you dont need specialized stuff like observation fields etc.

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