Entering an observation photo into a list

I have created a list to contain all my photos which are favorites to other inaturalists. When adding to my list I can only choose a taxon, say Issus coleoptratus. Unfortunately I have 2 observations of this cicada in iNat and I want the favored photo in my list and not the other one. How to?

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Hi @ppinat, there isn’t a way to select an individual photo or add a single observation to a list. You can sort your observations by faves though.

Thank you for the clarification. I have deleted the other observation with the (in my mentioned list) unwanted photo.

By the way, your recommended method for showing the “faves” contains some unfaved observations before all faved observations are shown. It seems that all these unfaved observations are at the genus level.

Yes, there’s an old bug where some votes in the Data Quality Assessment section are counting as faves, but it hasn’t been resolved.

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