EOL content on About tab

So does this suggest that the new functionality disables the prior backup process which was to display EoL content ?

Not sure what happens. Do you have an example taxon that has an EOL page but no Wikipedia article?

Any Wikipedia article or a Wikipedia article in a specific language ? I assume this is only relevant if that is met and the chckbox is enabled as otherwise the create a Wikipedia page template will show.

No Wikipedia article in English, but yes an EOL page.

My understanding is that the checkbox should only be unchecked if the Wikipedia article about the taxon is non-existent and the About tab is directing to somewhere wrong, like an article about a Greek god.

With no Wikipedia page by that name at all, and the checkbox checked, I thought it automatically showed content from EOL (or AmphibiaWeb) in the absence of a Wikipedia article.

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I cant seem to get the EoL content to load at all.

https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/818914-Pardosa-alasaniensis has no Wikipedia page. It has an EoL page.

With or without the checkbox selected I get the template to create a Wikipedia page,

The only difference is deselecting the checkbox creates a no matching Wikipedia article note above the template, with it checked that message is not there.

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