Taxon 'About' tab: display Wikipedia instead of (wrong) EOL information

Symphytum grandiflorum does not have a German wikipedia entry.

There is a wikipedia entry in English and few other languages, but not in, for example, Dutch.
So, when changing the iNat language to Nederlands, the About-tab displays the information of the corresponding English wikipedia article:

Not so in German.

Instead, here some EOL text is presented:

As you can see, the text is about the wrong species.
Clicking on the link after ‘EOL’, however, opens the correct species page.
As can be seen in the history, I tried some things to have the English wikipedia article displayed instead, without success.

My three questions are:

  1. why is EOL used here?
  2. why is the incorrect taxon name displayed?
  3. how to change the settings to get the wikipedia article instead?

Maybe relevant, although I do not understand why Dutch refers to the English wikipedia and German does not refer to the English wikipedia but to EOL, as in this feature request:

That doesn’t really explain why the wrong species name is displayed, but the link to the taxon in EOL is correct. And I am not sure if this is something on iNat’s site or something is wrongly implemented in EOL

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To make life easier, I created a Dutch version in Wikipedia for Symphytum_grandiflorum
but it is not shown in iNaturalist, it still shows the english version for Wikipedia, not the dutch variant… (probably caching?)

20230202 Dutch Wikipedia article is shown