Taxon 'About' tab: display Wikipedia instead of (wrong) EOL information

Symphytum grandiflorum does not have a German wikipedia entry.

There is a wikipedia entry in English and few other languages, but not in, for example, Dutch.
So, when changing the iNat language to Nederlands, the About-tab displays the information of the corresponding English wikipedia article:

Not so in German.

Instead, here some EOL text is presented:

As you can see, the text is about the wrong species.
Clicking on the link after ‘EOL’, however, opens the correct species page.
As can be seen in the history, I tried some things to have the English wikipedia article displayed instead, without success.

My three questions are:

  1. why is EOL used here?
  2. why is the incorrect taxon name displayed?
  3. how to change the settings to get the wikipedia article instead?

Maybe relevant, although I do not understand why Dutch refers to the English wikipedia and German does not refer to the English wikipedia but to EOL, as in this feature request:

That doesn’t really explain why the wrong species name is displayed, but the link to the taxon in EOL is correct. And I am not sure if this is something on iNat’s site or something is wrongly implemented in EOL

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To make life easier, I created a Dutch version in Wikipedia for Symphytum_grandiflorum
but it is not shown in iNaturalist, it still shows the english version for Wikipedia, not the dutch variant… (probably caching?)

20230202 Dutch Wikipedia article is shown

I don’t see a German Wikipedia article for Symphytum grandiflorum, just one for the genus (although I might be missing something).

The EoL article is weird, I’ve asked our developers about it.

That’s what I said in my first sentence. I expected so see the English one or at least the EOL with accurate information (=right species)

Sorry, I misread it.

OK, so it does point to the correct taxon on EoL:

But if you go to the Article’s section ( you’ll see that their article is about Symphytum ibericum. So it’s an issue on EoL’s end.

Can I ‘force’ the English Wikipedia entry to be displayed instead of EOL by curating the taxon?

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But why does it point to EoL and not to the correct taxon in Wikipedia, in English, as it did for the dutch language?
If I choose Dansk I see the English Wikipedia article in iNaturalist.

@optilete Just a side note, I repeatedly noticed your ‘quotes’ did not work as of lately :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect because the EoL article is in German, so it’s prioritizing something written in German over displaying English Wikipedia.

I doubt it. For better or worse, the best long-term fix would be to make a German Wikipedia article for this species. Maybe second to that would be alerting EoL about the error and having them fix it. It’d be interesting to see if that trickles down to iNat and iNat will start loading the English Wikipedia article.

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Species Sparassis-brevipes refers to the wikipedia article in English:
but there is for this taxon also a Dutch article:


should be working now

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