Error 422 on iOS

I had this error today. When uploading through the iOS app. One observation with two photos

I moved this to a new topic as the previous one was about a specific 422 error caused by a temporary issue on iNat’s end. There are other causes of a 422 error that are usually related to an error in the observation(s) being synced, so I imagine that’s what’s causing this one.

Two common causes:

  • you are trying to add the observation to a traditional project, but the observation does not meet the project’s requirements.

  • the observation’s observed on date is after its submitted on date, which should be impossible, thus iNat doesn’t like it. This often happens after you edit an existing observation’s date.

If you can send a screenshot of what you’re seeing, that would be helpful. And if you scroll through your observations, the one with the issue is usually marked pink.

I suspect my problem was caused by the first one. I have two observations with this error, one two months old and one from yesterday.

The oldest observation I removed the entry to the project IO database and the error disappeared. So I did the same with the newest observation which was in the project ‘Butterflies in Europe’

I assume they did indeed not meet the requirements.

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The requirements (aka terms and rules) can be found here:

I think its a “lost in translation” kind of thing. :slightly_smiling_face: In English its butterflies and moths. In Dutch they are both butterflies

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