Error 422 when adding observations from phone to projects


A couple of people who are participating in my projects have reported seeing an Error 422 message, and been unable to upload their observations unless they deselect the project from the observations. These are both huge projects, and only one person from each project has reported this problem, but I don’t know what it means. How can I help them to be able to add their observations to my projects? Thank you in advance!


I’m guessing you mean error 422 b/c I don’t think there is a 477. What are the URLs of these projects and what is the URL of one or a few observations that cannot be added to them?


Yes, it was an Error 422. I will see if they can send me the observation URLs. Thanks.


I’m also getting Error 422 sometimes when I try to upload on the iOS app. Nothing is different on my end between the times it takes my observations and the times it doesn’t. I have to wait a few hours and try again and it will take them.