Error 422 on new install

I have just downloaded iNaturalist and have been trying to upload photos taken this morning but cannot get past the first one with the error 422 message. The photo I am trying to upload shows with today’s date and a time of 13:28. It is currently 21:17. I cannot see anything that I am doing wrong on my end. Thoughts please.

Thanks… Andrew

I am on iOS 14.0 public beta

Using 2.8.7 build 558

If you edit the observation, does it have a location accuracy of -1? We saw that happen with someone else on iOS 14 public beta and caused an error.


It does have a location accuracy of -1m. There does not seem any way for me to change that though.

If you tap on the location, zoom out on the map a bit, then tap Done, does that change anything?

For what it’s worth, we can’t guarantee the app will work correctly on beta versions of iOS.

Yes… that caused the app to sync fine thanks.

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