Error code re polygons in kml file

I am using Firefox v108.0.1 and Google Maps to try to create a kml file for a new location i want to list.
I have logged into Google Maps and created a map called Nariel Creek Recreation Reserve. I have made two polygons and have exported this to a kml file.
In inaturalist I have created a place name and given it the parent of Victoria, Australia. I have uploaded the KML file and specified it as open space and “allowed checklists”
When I click to upload, I get the message “There were problems importing that place: Failed to import a boundary. Check for slivers, overlapping polygons, and other geometry issues., Place geometry can’t be blank”.
I can’t see any overlaps in the polygons I set and I don’t know what the place geometry can’t be blank message means. Can anyone help?
The google map link is

iNat only supports kml files with a single layer with a single feature. The kml generated from your google map has two features (they would need to be merged), and some other non layer information that could be upsetting the uploader.

It looks like your two polygons share a border, merging the features in QGIS results in a single polygon. If that’s not a problem, I’ve re-uploaded the kml file to another custom google map where you can download it from.


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