Problems in uploading a kml file to create a new place

I tried to cerate a new place to be used as boundary in a project.
When uploading the kml file I have received the following message:
“There were problems importing that place: Failed to import a boundary. Check for slivers, overlapping polygons, and other geometry issues.”

I do not know what it means and I would be grateful if someone could explain its possible meaning(s).


Did you create the kml file yourself or download it?

The message means there is an error in it, most likely that it has borders that sit on top of each other, that is what overlapping polygons means.

it always helps to be able to see what you’re working with. if you open the KML file with a text editor like Notepad (in Windows), then copy and paste that text in this thread, others here might be able to help you figure out what’s going on a little better.

Yes, I created it with qgis and then with an online kml merger. I have also reduced the size through the simplification of the geometry again with qgis

it seems that there is not enough space to paste the content of the file (too many characters).

I dont think it is likely to be the size of the KML, I am pretty sure there is a custom error message that tells you if it is too large. If you are still getting the same error message, it suggests there is still a problem with the geometry of the polygons.

hmmm… if you can’t post it here, can you post the KML file somewhere else? if you don’t have a place of your own, maybe try pasting the text of the KML into an iNaturalist journal post? (otherwise, you could just send the KML file to, and see if the staff will help.)

btw – what is an “online kml merger”?

it worked where I found problems with qgis

I had this problem with a kml for a state park boundary. The park has some parcels that meet at the corners (they don’t share an edge) like black squares on a chess board. When the two parts of the outline met at this corner it caused a problem with the upload. I had to edit it to place the corner points slightly apart so the boundary didn’t overlap itself.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
I just used the geometry validation tool and it shows one error as invalid geometry. The problem is that the whole boundary is shown as red thus it seems that it is invalid in its entirety.

Many thanks to Kiwifergus who suggested me to edit the polygons since there were some issued related to some points where two nodes were connected.
Now the kml has been successfully uploaded

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