Error when selecting multiple observations in the upload page (click and drag)

So… whenever I try to edit the details (location, tags) of multiple observations, I have to select 8 at a time because that’s all that can fit on my screen. Then I scroll down, press cmd (I’m on a mac), then select another 8. Strangely, instead of selecting 8+8 observations, I get 15 instead. The first observation from the first batch is automatically deselected when I group select another 8.

If I select 8+8+8, the first observations from the first and second batches are deselected again, so I’m left with only 22 selected observations instead of 24.

I tried selecting fewer than 8 per click & drag, and the top left observation in every batch is consistently deselected every time I do so.

Has this kind of bug been reported before? It seems to happen to me constantly.

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This is not happening to me, I can select as many as I want using “ctrl”, nothing is dis-selected automatically.

Have you tired using SHIFT after selecting the first one and than selecting the last one? This may be an easier way to select multiple observations within a batch.

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I can reproduce this on Linux using Firefox, so it’s not a Mac-specific issue. But it only happens when I drag a selection rectangle over a group of items whilst holding down the Ctrl / Cmd key (or whatever the equivalent is on your platform).

The problem does not happen if you avoid using drag to make a selection. To do this, click an item to start the selection, then scroll to the last item and Shift + click it to select everything in between. You can also use Ctrl + click to select individual items whilst keeping the rest of the selection.


Oh yes, I forgot to specify that it’s the click and drag that gives me this exact issue. Thanks for the addition, @bazwal!

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Sorry @franzanth I did not get the “click and drag” part.

I tried this (windows 10 and chrome). The same bug happens to me when adding additional observations to a selection by holding CTRL, clicking and drawing a rectangle.

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